• J - Just on time
  • O -Overcoming Hurdles
  • R - Responsible
  • D - Dependable
  • A - Accelerated service
  • N - Never letting up


All of our customers have come to know our company motto which we follow religiously.

 “We will either meet or beat our delivery date but we will NEVER be late.”

Jordan Logistics has 35 years of combined experience in the shipping of soft/hard goods, and has a vast library of knowledge and experience at our fingertips while working with you in this crucial link in the supply chain.

Through our customers we work with major retailers, catalog companies and E-commerce websites. Jordan Logistics prides itself at being flexible to handle any kind of situation but at the same time having well rooted foundations so that shipping protocols are in place for an error free shipping which avoids inconveniences and most importantly charge backs.

Our proven systems and robust receiving, processing and shipping protocols are specified to meet event the most demanding requirements.This stringent regime ensures that products transferred from the receiving dock are directed to storage, or to a cross dock, or to a pick location, have met quality requirements set by you and have been quality validated and confirmed against purchase order information.

Shortfalls in supplier labeling or packaging compliance can be dealt with to ensure that the product is available for sale as quickly as possible.  Whatever the challenge, we have the experience, expertise and skilled staff to ensure a seamless process for your business. Our turn -a-round time for receiving, processing and shipping is unparalleled in the industry. On an average we can receive your goods and turn-it around within 8 business hours, but to make sure no late charges are incurred we run our facilities 24 hrs and shipments that do come in after business hours will be made ready to ship by the next morning or if possible the next available truck.

As you are well aware in the retail industry, “Time is Money” so even a day late will cause major charge backs in lateness or worse cancellations, short turn around’s are essential in our business and that what we do best.

Whether your product is a full pallet, full carton or split case we have the appropriate environment and robust validation process to meet your specific requirements. More importantly, we know how to scale our labor and environment to meet your peak volume demand periods.

Jordan Logistics takes pride in the work we perform and every employee we retain is trained to the highest standards so that they understand the importance of their job and can maintain the high standards we have set at Jordan Logistics.

Our objective is to ensure that you have access to accurate and timely information at this crucial link in the supply chain enabling dynamic and informed tactical decision making.

On Time , Everytime !!!!


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